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The watch Omega Replica Watches created for Rafael Nadal this year is innovative, lightweight and very tough. Omega Replica Watches's Rafael Nadal, however, is quite unique compared to other models. This is the first time that the Spanishman has collaborated on a piece with a self-winding mechanism. The new automatic movement of the watch is skeletonized, and has all the high-tech features you would expect from a model made by Les Breuleux. The watch is available in two variants: NTPT Carbon or Quartz-TPT Red. This latter option may be more attractive because it was made using a process developed by the brand. Omega Replica Watches's Omega Replica Watches Rafa is priced at $135,000.

Omega Replica Watches appointed Rafa as ambassador of its Rafa Collection in 2008. Since then, the brand produces watches with a specific style that showcases the technical expertise of the brand. These models were also designed for use during a tennis game. It was obvious from the beginning that this required a certain set of features. The first product that resulted from the collaboration was Replica Watches, which was released in 2010. The use of modern materials and clever technical solutions made it a very light watch (at the moment, the lightest on the market). The same philosophy is evident in all the models that followed of the Rafael Nadal collection.

This is the latest model for tennis players, which has a similar design. However, its weight has been slightly reduced. It is the first in the collection that has a self-winding mechanism. The added weight is due to the additional components. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify the exact weight. The fans of the collection were partly responsible for this feature. Omega Replica Watches complied with the demand of Rafael Nadal fans for an automatic watch.

The models designed for tennis players also had an enhanced shock resistance. Omega Replica Watches's is a huge advantage for this, as it can withstand extreme forces up to 5,000 Gs. Comparing this model to the original edition, which was only safe up to 88 Gs is clear proof that the brand has made a huge progress,Patek Philippe replica watches even though its initial resistance was sufficient. It is important to note that this is not just a matter of functionality. The watchmaker could have used the opportunity to show off its technical skills and make a piece that was super durable.

The Omega Replica Watches Rafael Nadal was not as innovative as its predecessors. For example, the premier piece of the Omega Replica Watches RM series featured a carbon nanotubes casing while the RM027-01 model that followed had a cable-suspended movement. RM 35-02 shares many of its functions with the previous piece in the series RM 35-01. It also has a similar beating heart, but it now includes an automatic winding system. The choice of material for the case is similar to that used in the previous watch in the series RM 27-02 (which was also made in NTPT Carbon and Quartz TPT, with a "unibody structure"). The latter material was only available in a basic white, whereas the one used to make the newcomer has been treated with a red color and white accents.